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Our Activity

Art And Craft Exhibition

"The artist must be in his work As God is in creation, Invisible and all powerful, One must sense him everywhere But never see him. "Keeping this in mind, Oceanic International School, not only caters to the academic excellence of the students but also brings out the creative and innovative talents of their personality. So, in order to showcase the innovative creations of the students, Art and Craft Exhibition is held annually.

Science Exhibition

Science Exhibitions at school develop a scientific spirit and curiosity in students which in turn forces them to think creatively and find solutions to the challenges.

This gives the opportunity to the students to develop social and moral skills. During the exhibition the students learn public speaking and it helps the students remove the fear of speaking in public.

Music Lesson

Music lessons helps develop language and reasoning. It helps students to increase their listening skills.

Music also helps students to improve their social skill, if a children play in a group they have to learn work together to achieve a common goal, patience and encouragement.

Physical Training

Physical Training or yoga can improve our health and reduce the risk of developing several diseases. Exercise helps us to control weight and also boosts energy. Physical Training provides strong bones and muscles.


Debates helps students develop their ability to express their points and views, in front of the huge audience. It develops creative thinking and problem solving skills


Dramactic activities helps students to build their confidence, improve concentration skills and develop creativity. It assists physical development and emotional intelligence.